Risk Allocation & Money Management

New generation investment platform
for your Forex company

Best quality of execution
ever possible

RAMM execution model guarantees that a trader and all his investors have the same execution prices, so investors get the same results as traders.

Speed of execution is close to traditional trading platforms and doesn’t depend on the number of investors.

Outstanding risk control
for investors

The main advantage of RAMM is that investors choose the acceptable level of weekly losses.

Investors won’t lose more than their limit and will get the same yield as the trader, independently on complexity of the trading strategy, equity and the loss limit.

Legal in regulated

From the legal viewpoint RAMM is a signal service.

Funds of investors and traders are kept on their personal accounts. Investors can close their investments and withdraw money from a strategy in one click, at any moment.

Being a signal service with all its advantages,
RAMM provides the quality of copying of PAMM.
Mixed with the unique risk control, it gives the best
asset management solution ever invented.

RAMM platform is approved by The Financial Commission.

Increase your profit
for each attracted dollar

RAMM is constructed in the way so traders with high trading activity have advantages. Investors’ money works at the maximum extent, increasing your total turnover.

  • Short trading intervals
    increase dynamics of return and involvement of investors and at the same time allow traders to earn more.
  • Automatic closing of positions for weekends
    protects investors from market gaps and allows them to manage their investments on weekends without hindrance.
  • Investors can increase aggressivity
    without harming the quality of copying, that helps making even conservative strategies attractive.
Turnover distribution in RAMM

Expand your target audience
and boost the number of clients

Easy, convenient and reliable investment service without complex terminology will fit needs of wide audience of investors with financial background as well as not acquainted to financial markets.

The unique model of risk management makes investment risks transparent and predictable for investors.

RAMM will help you to re-activate your sleeping clients and keep those who is about to quit trading.

  • Attracting clients to an investment service is much easier than to trading.
  • Launch of RAMM will help you to re-activate your clients that used to trade on their own, but lost money and quitted.
  • RAMM is absolutely transparent for investors. Statistics include all fees. Strategies are rated by objective and understandable characteristics. Equity and profit of investments are displayed real time.
  • Built-in bonus and partnership programs will help you to attract investors as well as traders.

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RAMM Mobile App

RAMM Risk Management system attracts
even conservative investors
that earlier didn’t consider the Forex market
due to its high and unpredictable risks.

RAMM can receive signals from various sources

Easy onboarding
of traders

You can easily recruit traders from your existing clients. RAMM can receive trading signals from various sources, so the traders continue trading in platforms they got used to.

RAMM can receive signals from various sources:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • RAMM Trading Terminal
  • RAMM Trading API
  • Other platforms and services through RAMM Trading Core

Use our strategies from day one
with our RAMM or your PAMM / LAMM / MAM service

Clients of different brokers can share their strategies across installations of RAMM using our Shared Strategies service.
You can receive and use these trading signals in your RAMM installation or in your own investment service.

  • Rating
  • All strategies
Name Yield Yield chart Age, weeks Mostly used instruments

Launch RAMM in minimal terms


RAMM is provided to brokers as SaaS (Software as a Service) and requires minimal efforts from your side to integrate and support it. Launching RAMM doesn’t require significant initial investments.


You pay for RAMM only while you use it. The monthly payment consists of small fixed payment and small turnover-based fee.


Being an STP platform, RAMM allows send clients’ orders to your dealing or directly to your liquidity providers.

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Become a White Label
of one of major brokers

You are a small business? Despite launching a dedicated RAMM service requires minimal efforts, there is a simpler option: become a White Label of another broker. You will get the set of strategies and liquidity from the main company.

Currently you can join as White Label to:


RoboForex (ramm.roboforex.com)
Offered by RoboForex (CY) Ltd, regulated by CySEC, with licence No. 191/13.

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