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Default model

  • RAMM is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) and is hosted on RAMMFX’s servers in trusted data centers. We guarantee high SLA and do all the magic behind the curtains.
  • The instance is dedicated for you (and your white labels). End users of different brokers that use RAMM do not mix.
  • RAMM web platform will be branded and available for your clients at your subdomain, e.g.
  • Your clients create and manage RAMM accounts on your existing web site (personal area). Simple integration between your infrastructure and RAMM (through RAMM Backoffice API) is required to support it.
  • We do not keep any personal data of your clients.
  • All RAMM features (Web Platform, Mobile App, APIs, Backoffice, etc.) and updates are available with no extra costs during our partnership.
RAMM integration


All orders submitted by clients in RAMM are STP’ed to your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, hence all the dealing remains unchanged. You can further STP the orders to your counterparties using your existing plugins and bridges.

For better execution of orders RAMM can send orders directly to your liquidity providers.

The execution type can be configured per strategy.

RAMM smoothly integrates with your dealing
RAMM backoffice screenshot


RAMM Backoffice allows your managers to supervise and control every aspect of the service.


Affiliate programs

Easy means to integrate with your existing programs.

Your partners can get their own branded RAMM Web Platforms on dedicated domains with the same set of strategies and your liquidity using RAMM White Labels (see below).

RAMM Backoffice API

RAMM Backoffice API allows to get all available information about clients, accounts, balance operations and trades. You can display this information on your existing website or use it to create any custom reports you need.


RAMMFX provides the 3rd line of support

We will help training your staff during the integration process and later on

We can help resolving any inquiries from regulators

Legal documentation

We provide you with the set of documentation required to run the service (Terms of Service, etc.). You can use them as is or customize them if you need.


We have a set of standard reports for regulators.

Development of custom reports is free.

Contests and bonuses

RAMM allows you to run various contests for traders and investors

White labels

Attract investments using White Labels.

Each white label gets its own branded web site with the same set of strategies as in the main company. Orders are executed in the main company’s liquidity. Results of investors are the same in all the companies.

Advantages for brokers

  • Increase of turnover without spending on acquisition of investors
  • Ability to grow to new markets, especially into countries where you don’t have a valid licence
  • You can earn on providing the platform to white labels
  • Improved rating of strategies (strategies created in white labels are visible in your rating as well as amount of investments in all strategies)

Advantages for white labels

  • Wide selection of strategies out of the box, without spending on acquiring traders
  • Cheaper than a standalone installation
  • Ability to work under the main company licence

Learn more about RAMM benefits for White Labels >

RAMM white labels allow you to get more investments without spending on customer acquisition

Offer an excellent investment platform to your clients!

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