Perfect for investors

Quality of execution

Despite being a signal service, RAMM offers the simultaneous execution and same execution price for a trader and all his investors. Thus, the situation when a trader earns and his investors lose due to slippage, not uncommon in other signal services, is impossible in RAMM.

When a trader opens a position, RAMM calculates volumes for all his investors and STPs one aggregated order to your legacy trading platform. Therefore, your dealing processes remain unchanged and there is no additional work required from your dealing department.

Quality of copying

RAMM provides the best quality of copying possible, the same as PAMM. RAMM guarantees that:

  • If a trader opens a position, it will be opened for all his investors. No slippages, requotes, missing instruments or difference in trading sessions on the investor’s side.
  • Positions are copied in correct proportions. All complex trading strategies are copied with sound money management:
  • No matter when an investor joins a strategy, since the moment his investment is activated, his yield is the same as trader’s.

Independently on complexity of a trading strategy,
ratio between trader's and investor's equity,
investor’s risk preferences, each investor of a strategy
at the end of each trading interval
will have the same return on risk as the trader.


All statistics in RAMM already include all fees. There is no room for manipulations: if an investor sees that a strategy he invested into earned 10%, he also earned exactly 10%.

Investors see all the trades copied to their accounts in real time.


All actions (investing into a strategy, withdrawing funds from an investment, changing risk) are executed by investors in one click and do not require waiting for rollovers or any approvals from traders.

RAMM web platform

Excellent for traders

Traders get paid
lot and often

Traders receive weekly performance-based fee from all investors of their strategies. The fee rate is defined by traders and can be as high as 50% of investor’s profit.

No actions required
from traders

Investments in RAMM are fully automated. Traders do not need to correct positions or give any confirmations when investors invest or withdraw their money from strategies. Position volumes are also calculated automatically.

The same strategy attracts
more investors in RAMM

Investors choose their risk level on their own. Therefore, the strategy may be attractive both for aggressive and for conservative investors. Traders get more investors without doing any additional work.

You can get the initial set of strategies by inviting
some of your existing clients to become traders.
This will not require any actions from them.

Easy onboarding

RAMM can receive signals from various sources:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • RAMM Trading Terminal
  • RAMM Trading API that allows to send signals from any trading platform or use trading robots written in any programming language

Independently on the signal source, all RAMM advantages for investors (statistics and risk management) remain unchanged.

RAMM signal sources

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